Of Fabric and Flow

The Dance of Dressing in India

June 12 through August 31

Featuring approximately 50 photographs printed on silk and aluminum by noted Klamath Falls photographer Madeleine Graham Blake.

From 2017 to 2019, Blake, a Klamath Falls native, spent months at a time in Varanasi, India, photographing people in traditional clothing.

“These are all very abstract,” Blake said of the images that feature people putting on clothing, including saris, which many women wear. Other colorful clothing types include dhotis, a swath a fabric worn skirt-like by men, and langots, sometimes used as an undergarment but also the official attire of wrestlers, as well as a headwrap called a pagadis.

“You feel the culture and color of the culture,” Blake said of clothing worn by Indians. “In every little area in India they tie the saris different … You can tell where a person is from by the way they wear their saris.”

Featured in TravelMag.com – Best Exhibitions in Oregon Summer 2021