JM Brodrick

J. M. Brodrick

J. M. Brodrick’s grandmother, a professional artist from Finland, guided her love of art in her youth. “She helped me connect with other artists and shaped me at an early age, to express myself with painting.” In 1977 J.M. moved to Alaska where the rugged lifestyle and freedom of the open country inspired her to further develop as an artist. Today she lives in Oregon. Her paintings include a range of themes from the beauty of old growth forests to city scenes, birds, animals, and people. Her use of colors laid over each other, results in hues that seem to glow from within, playing one color off the other. J.M.’s paintings are in numerous collections around the world. She has been highly honored with awards and has been featured in numerous art publications, including American Art Collector and Southwest Art Magazine. Memberships include American Women Artist, National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society, National Portrait Society of America, and American Impressionist Society.

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