Community Art Program

The Favell Museum Community Art Program


The Favell Museum Community Art Program is a unique visual art education program that provides hands-on activities and interactions with fine art and indigenous artifacts to youth in Klamath Falls. This school year, in 6-week curriculum blocks, we are reaching 500 students enrolled in the city schools’ after-school program.  Our students work with clay, fold origami, paint, and sew journals, in fun, collaborative, structured lessons.  For many, it is their only opportunity to make art because they live in poverty and attend schools that lack funding for art programs.  We bring all materials to the schools and provide our program free of charge. This summer, we will reach another 500 to 800 students, and beginning in the fall of 2016, in response to multiple requests and increased funding support, we will expand our curriculum blocks to 9 weeks so that every child can make more art.


  • By the end of July 2016, we will have reached over 1000 youth in Klamath Falls, significantly surpassing our goal of reaching 600+ students. What’s more, these students have received multiple, structured sessions in which they sculpted clay, painted, sewed journals, folded origami, and more; learned about art materials and methods; and, interacted with fine art and artifacts from the renowned Favell Museum. We provide everything free of charge.
  • The Herald & News, Klamath Falls’ newspaper, cited our contributions to youth in a front-page article (Dec 15, 2015). One of our (9-year-old) students said to the reporter, “I like how [making art with the Favell Museum Community Art Program] expresses my feelings … it’s heart-pinching to me.”
  • The vast majority of our students rate our art program a “10” (on a scale from one to ten), on our anonymous 5-question survey for youth. In addition, students wrote on the survey that our program helps them with “concentration,” “science and geometry,” and “listening”; a student on the autism spectrum wrote, “calms my mind.”
  • Teachers and administrators in the after-school program, with whom we collaborate, have been overwhelmingly complimentary. For example, on our SurveyMonkey survey, 100% “agree” that our art program provides engaging and effective art lessons. One teacher added, “It was always an awesome experience with the instructors of the FMCAP program because their understanding and love of art made the process more engaging and far beyond our level of teaching art projects.” Another wrote, “It’s really nice to see [FMCAP] giving back to these kids in such a creative and educational way.” And an administrator commented, “I really loved how [the Favell Museum art teachers] used actual artifacts from the museum to show the kids.”
  • As part of an ongoing effort to support our community, we secured funding to offer a free family art activity night at the Favell Museum. Our anonymous survey revealed that only one out of 97 students had visited an art museum, an enrichment activity cited by the Oregon Department of Education as one that can help close the achievement gap between poor students and middle/upper class students. Our family night will be April 7, 2016.

Thank You to Our Supporters!

Ford Family Foundation, Sky Lakes Medical Center, Autzen Foundation, Gordon Elwood Foundation, Klamath Orthopedics, Oregon Community Foundation, Walter and Mary Alice Stastny Foundation and many more.