2020 Artists

  • Willo Balfrey
  • Nancy Becker
  • Steve Bennett
  • Sue Bennett
  • J.M. Brodrick
  • Sheri Dinardi
  • Janice Druian
  • Barbara Enochian
  • Ilene Gienger-Stanfield
  • Bonnie Griffith
  • Mark Holland and Cindy Lewis
  • Norma Holmes
  • Charity Hubbard
  • Dale Landrum
  • Karen Leoni
  • Gretha Lindwood
  • Chris Manwaring
  • David Mensing
  • Judy Phearson
  • Don Prechtel
  • Chuck Prudhomme
  • Ron Raasch
  • Sharlene Rayl
  • Stefan Savides
  • Vicki Shuck
  • Pam Stoehsler
  • Katherine Taylor
  • David Terry
  • Randall Tillery
  • Russ Walker
  • Shelli Walters
  • Garth Williams

Art Show and Sale 2020

September 26 – November 7, 2020

The Favell Museum Art Show and Sale is an annual exhibition featuring original, contemporary, and representational art by 32 artists from across the West.

Visit the Favell Museum to see our 2020 art show and purchase a piece of art. You may also visit the show and purchase art online. 40% of your purchase benefits the non-profit museum.

To purchase a piece of art online, select the image of the piece you are interested in and add it to your cart.

(Grid) A Place to Dream by Willo Balfrey
Willo Balfrey
(Grid) No Name by Nancy Becker
Nancy Becker
(Grid) Upper Rogue Falls by Steve Bennett
Steve Bennett
(Grid) Tulip Farm by Sue Bennett
Sue Bennett
(Grid) Thunder by J.M. Brodrick
J.M. Brodrick
(Grid) Summer Breeze by Sheri Dinardi
Sheri Dinardi
(Grid) On the Way Home by Janice Druian
Janice Druian
(Grid) Rachel at the River by Barbara Enochian
Barbara Enochian
(Grid) Half and Half by Ilene Gienger-Stanfield
Ilene Gienger-Stanfield
(Grid) March Willows by Bonnie Griffith
Bonnie Griffith
(Grid) Tiny Dancer by Mark Holland and Cindy Lewis
Mark Holland and Cindy Lewis
(Grid) Winter Run-Off by Norma Holmes
Norma Holmes
(Grid) Applegate Valley Shadows by Charity Hubbard
Charity Hubbard
(Grid) Aspen Vista Trail by Dale Landrum
Dale Landrum
Home Grown by Karen Leoni
Karen Leoni
(Grid) Standing Tall III by Gretha Lindwood
Gretha Lindwood
(Grid) Deep in the Woods by Chris Manwaring
Chris Manwaring
(Grid) It Is From It by David Mensing
David Mensing
(Grid) Visitor-Goldfinch by Judy Phearson
Judy Phearson
(Grid) Wooly Bill by Don Prechtel
Don Prechtel
(Grid) Tucson Color by Chuck Prudhomme
Chuck Prudhomme
(Grid) Titan by Ron Raasch
Ron Raasch
(Grid) Bison by Sharlene Rayl
Sharlene Rayl
(Grid) Pins and Curls by Stefan Savides
Stefan Savides
(Grid) Afternoon Coffee by Vicki Shuck
Vicki Shuck
(Grid) The Tango Sandhill Cranes by Pam Stoehsler
Pam Stoehsler
(Grid) Heron Totem by Katherine Taylor
Katherine Taylor
(Grid) Fish Creek Falls by David Terry
David Terry
My Favorite Meadow by Randall Tillery
Randall Tillery
(Grid) Teton Magic by Russ Walker
Russ Walker
(Grid) Between Earth and Sky by Shelli Walters
Shelli Walters
(Grid) Hollies by Garth Williams
Garth Williams