By Her Hands – Photographs of Edward S. Curtis

By Her Hand: Native American Women, Their Art, and the Photographs of Edward S. Curtis

June 9 – August 31, 2017 at the Favell Museum

Featuring more than 60 vintage and contemporary Curtis photographs from the internationally acclaimed Christopher G. Cardozo Collection. 


By Her Hand: Native American Women, Their Art, and The Photographs of Edward S. Curtis”  is a rare opportunity to present work by the iconic photographer, Edward Curtis focused specifically on Native American women.  The core concept of the exhibition is to create a synergistic relationship between the images and host venue collection artifacts, enriching the meaning of both by giving context, insight and perspective that would otherwise be unattainable. By concentrating on Native women and their art, the goal is to more deeply understand their roles within traditional Native society, culture and family, transforming the images so that the photographs offer a deeper human connection to the individuals and their way of life.


“In Mr. Curtis we have both an artist and a trained observer, whose pictures are pictures, not merely photographs; whose work has far more than mere accuracy, because it is truthful.…He knows their medicine men and sorcerers, their chiefs and warriors, their young men and maidens…” . —President Theodore Roosevelt, from the foreword to Curtis’ multi-volume work The North American Indian